Why does Giving Forward, Inc. run sweepstakes as a fundraising vehicle?

Giving Forward’s Sweeps For A Cause is not the first philanthropic sweepstakes.

OMAZE, Prizeo, Prinvy, Charity Stars, TapKat and many other online sweepstakes have demonstrated that gamifying donation with promotions and specifically sweepstakes, results in:

  1. higher conversion rate to donation
  2. higher average donation value
  3. greater likelihood of social media sharing
  4. improvement in brand awareness for the nonprofit cause

Often we will be able to get the prize from a prize provider resulting in a superior fundraising vehicle

Prize providers will sometimes assist in promotion of the philanthropic sweepstakes delivering incremental marketing value over and above the prize.

As a nonprofit, we often have access to probono resources and PSA (Public Service Announcement) donated free advertising inventory.

Giving Forward wants to generate the greatest fiscal, marketing and social impact and sweepstakes is one way we do that.