FAQ for Nonprofits

GivingForward runs SweepForACause (SFAC) a bit like OMAZE, or Prizeo, but there are some key differences. We are a 501c3 ourselves. Our mission is to generate revenue for other nonprofits via cause marketing and other non-typical fundraising methods and platforms, we are a bit like a DAF (Donor Advised Fund) or Foundation powered by cause marketing. Many of our sweepstakes prizes are provided to us by businesses “for promotional consideration” purposes, or as a pure donation.

As a nonprofit, you and your teams can collaborate with the Giving Forward, Inc. (SweepsForACause) team and increase your donation yield dramatically, or just sit back and wait for us to send you revenue based on the preferences of our donors.

Q) How do I make sure that when I promote one of the existing SFAC sweepstakes that the donor I send over doesn’t change causes to someone else (a different nonprofit)?

A) We give you a unique link which locks in you as the nonprofit for that visit. The donor does not see a “change cause” option. When you use that link you received 70% or more of the donations that occur as a result of our platform.

Q) Why should I accept 70% of the donation revenue from Giving Forward and SFAC instead of keeping 100% if I don’t participate by sending my donors over?

A) The gamification of a sweepstakes increases BOTH conversion rate to donation AND donation amount (for typical non-whale donors). We remain confident that you will net more donation revenue though our partnership than you will on your own.

Q) How do I get more than the 70% revshare?

A) SFAC pays for the prize and does a lot of marketing for you and our other partner causes, including procuring discounted and free PSA advertising, as well as engaging in PR. If your nonprofit, one of your business partners or philanthropists wants to donate a prize, we’ll spin up a sweeps with you as the “default” nonprofit. That means you get 10% of ALL donation revenue which brings your donation total to 80% if you are the selected nonprofit. The 10% across all the other donations will likely put you over 100% of the donation values when you were the selected cause.


You can ask us to set up a sweeps exclusive to you on a subdomain, but then you have to pay us a setup and licensing fee, supply the prize, administer the sweeps, set up a payment gateway on Shopify, pay Shopify their licensing fee, do your own marketing and design your own graphics. We don’t recommend this option. You might as well go to Prizeo or TapKat and use their platforms (each take about 20%, so you are far better off with being a default nonprofit on a SFAC sweeps, as you get the additional 10% on other donations).

Q) How soon do I receive the donated funds which were the result of the SFAC platform?

A) We disburse donation funds on a rolling basis. The minimum disbursement is $50. The initial disbursement is paid out monthly, on or about the 15th of the month, for the close of the period two months prior. For example, January donations are disbursed on or about April 15th. This increases the ability of our team to reconcile refunds, chargebacks or fraud, making adjustments to the next month’s disbursement. Disbursements are made in US $ regardless of the currency used to make payment (including cryptocurrencies) We take the risk of a crypto-collapse during the 75ish days (on average). For payments under the $5000 threshold (between $50 and $5000), we reserve the right to make payment via credit card or PayPal.

For some larger sweepstakes planned in the future, the terms may change to reflect a net donation amount. However, we hope to be able to fund even large sweepstakes though prize donations and our revenue share.

Q) Do I have to be a US-based 501c3 nonprofit to have donors select me as the grantee?

A) At this time, yes, Giving Forward and SFAC only work with 501c3s. However, we anticipate expanding our reach directly or via a DAF (even though we already act a bit like a DAF).